Sunday, September 27, 2020

Fall Prevention Awareness Week 2020

 As The Fall Prevention Lady, I have been actively involved in promoting awareness of fall risk factors, offering balance assessments and educating older adults how to prevent falls for over fifteen years.  I remember when "Fall Prevention Day" was first recognized and celebrated on the first day of fall or September 23rd.  

Every year since 2008, the third week of September was 'my time to shine'; as a fall prevention educator and balance specialist called 'The Fall Prevention Lady", I was busy giving free educational workshops and organizing and implementing community balance assessments to older adults.  I was one of the original Sacramento Fall Prevention Coalition founding members and with the Area 4 Agency on Aging and Kaiser Permamente, we offered the first community-based fall prevention events.

For the most part, COVID-19  killed community-based fall prevention outreach and I am sad.  I am sad that I did not get to meet hundreds of older adults who are concerned about falling down.  I am sad that these older adults are stuck in their homes, afraid to go out, not allowed to congregate with their peers; thus at increased risk of falling. 

It takes a community to prevent falls.  Unfortunately when the community is no longer able to get together and communicate, the risk of falling increases.  I am saddened that I was not able to offer free workshops and balance assessments to older adults in my community.  I miss the opportunity to meet people who want the education and skills that I have to improve balance and live independently.  

No one knew this was going to happen; in fact, in preparation for fall prevention awareness 2020, I wrote a book, "ABCs to Balance; Aging, Brains and Coordination" to complement my introductory workshops and I fine-tuned my "Brains and Balance" mobility classes for people of all ages and abilities.  

In celebration of Fall Prevention Awareness week past, I would like to offer my new book at a 20% discount.  Click here to get order my book. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Nervous System Rule #2 for Better Balance and Prevention of Falls

The better the input, the better the output.

This is the language of the nervous system and I explain how to put the words together in my new book, "ABCs of Balance: Aging, Brains and Coordination.  A brain-based approach to the prevention of falls".
Education is Power:  
ABCs of Balance Book now available

The nervous system has three functions; input, interpretation and output.  Balance is an output.  If you want better balance, it's only logical that you need to train the inputs.  You cannot jump straight to the end product without addressing the first two steps.

Dr. Rose of FallProof™ introduced me to three sensory inputs and how to train them for improved balance and mobility.  She offered basic vision, vestibular and proprioceptive approaches to reduce falls.  Dr. Cobb of Z-Health taught me how to train these three systems from the brain's perspective and the results are life changing.

The better the visual inputs the better one's balance.  The better the vestibular inputs, the better the one's balance.  The better the sensory receptor input, the better one's balance will be.  Unfortunately, traditional fall prevention programs only focus on outputs. 

If you want better balance, you have to train the vision, vestibular and proprioceptive inputs and the brain's interpretation of them. 

I explain all of this in my new book, "ABC's of Balance: Aging, Brains and Coordination".  If you want to know why your balance is getting worse as you age and what you can do about it, this is a must read.  Everything begins in the brain.  Brain training is the future of fitness.  

Education is power.  Order your copy today. 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

ABCs of Balance: Can't Feel Your Feet?

If you can't feel your feet, you may have a nerve problem.   Because the nerves of the feet go to the brain, you May now have a brain problem.  Everything begins in the brain; and I mean everything; all movement, all feeling, and all thoughts begin in the three-pound organ on top of your head.

The brain is quite fascinating and in it are maps to the entire body.  Messages from the brain are sent to the body parts. The brain has maps so it knows where everything is located.   Maps are like highways; the more a road is travelled, the faster you can go.  No doubt about it, practice makes perfect.

Most of us have had at least one injury.  When an area is injured, we're told not to move it. The longer a body part doesn’t move, the blurrier the map of that body part becomes. Blurry maps make the brain feel unsafe.  When the brain doesn't feel safe, movement suffers.

Your feet are critical to good balance. The brain needs good mapping of the feet for good movement and balance.   The bad news is we rarely move our toes and feet and hardly ever provide sensory stimulation to them. As a result, the brain's map of the feet is blurry.

I'm certain that there are millions of undiagnosed cases of neuropathy (nerve damage) in feet and legs because people think that burning, tingling and loss of sensation in the feet is a 'normal part of aging'.  FALSE!  Healthy nerves do not tingle. Healthy nerves need activation. You need to rub and move your feet and toes regularly.

Some nerve damage is permanent but the science of neuroplasticity shows that nerves can and will regenerate!  Get hopeful.  Move your feet.  Rub your toes.  Pay attention to how your feet feel.  Book a session with me for some sensory stimulation.

I am an input, interpretation and output specialist.  I train the sensory inputs to the brain to improve the brain's ability to interpret the information and decide what to do.  I also train body movement but if you want to move better, let’s start with the inputs.

It's how the nervous system works.  It's science.  Sensory input training can change your life.

This blog is an excerpt from new book, ABC's of Balance: Aging, Balance and Coordination.  A brain-based approach to the prevention of falls.    I will be ready the first week of June!   $29 paperback, $29 Kindle.

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Brain-based Covid Remedies

As a brain-based fall prevention specialist, I train the nervous system and the organ that determines everything in life.  The brain has two primary jobs; survival and movement.   During this Covid pandemic, our brains feel threatened because our survival is at risk.  If you're over 70 years of age with multiple chronic conditions, you're high risk and your brain is freaking out.

One way the brain keeps us alive is through prediction or the ability to predict what might happen so it can respond appropriately.  When the brain cannot predict what will happen, it is on high alert.

Brain-based Covid Remedies with Coach Kelly
Weeks and weeks of unpredictability take a toll on the brain and the result is pain, fatigue, anxiety, falls, and difficulty breathing or sleeping, poor vision and other inconviences.

The neat thing about making the brain feel safe is you don't need drugs.  There are holistic drills that activate areas of the brain that calm you down!   

Simple ways are: Nasal breathing and humming on the exhale, gargle for 30+ seconds and doing my favorite, the cheesy grin and swallow.  These brain-based covid remedies activate areas of the brain to increase immunity and decrease threat.

I specialize in applied neuro-anatomy and applied neuro-physiology.  In other words, I know anatomy of the brain and what each area needs to be healthy.   This is important if you want to life the life you want.

Education credit: Z-Health Performance Solutions

If you're interested in a brain-based approach to the prevention of falls, express your interest in my new book.  Education is power.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Nervous System Rule #1 for Better Balance

The nervous system is a complex function that processes over 64 quintillion bits of information each day.  Although every brain is different, there are several unspoken rules that apply to everyone.  In my new book, "ABCs of Balance: Aging, Brains and Coordination", I explain how to age successfully from the brain's perspective.  I've included three unspoken nervous system rules.

Nervous System Rule #1 for better balance
Nervous system rule #1: "Neurons that wire together fire together".  What this means is that you can improve balance by doing drills that activate neurons near the balance nerve.  

Do you know where the brain's balance nerve is located?  It's in the brainstem and it's connected to the brain's equilibrium system.  As mature adults responsible for your well-being, this is important stuff to know!!!

The entire nervous system runs on the use it or lose it principle including balance.  To maintain upright against gravity,  a person must activate cranial nerve #8 and the nerves next to it.

In my new book, "ABCs of Balance: Aging, Brains and Coordination", I explain how the brain works and what the nervous system needs for better balance.  I explain  things in an easy to understand manner and give sample exercises for the reader to try at home.

If you've tried everything and your balance is getting worse, it's time to do something else.   I offer a brain-based approach to the prevention of falls because everything we do begins in the brain. Everything.

My book explains all of this.  If you're like to sign up for the first release of my book, complete the form below.

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